Among some of the exciting creations includes the Yunizar’s Lions, in a tortoise shell patina, brought to life by newly mastered techniques. Yunizar’s exploration into bronze sculpture marks a clear development in his body of work. While his essential ideas and motifs remain, they are presented in a new, physical, and more demanding form. Yunizar takes traditional subjects and materials and forms them in a lighthearted and sometimes nostalgic way; his work has a nature of being at once simple and yet transcendent. His paintings lay evidence to his constant questioning of aesthetic ideals. In a world of serious and often pretentious discourse, Yunizar offers an alternative dialogue of a more imaginative variety, which will doubtlessly appear through his three dimensional creations. His continued collaboration with the Yogya Art Lab holds exciting potential for collectors and art appreciators alike.


At YAL, we pride ourselves with fabricating aluminium sculptures which has been exhibited internationally, most notably by the American artist Ashley Bickerton.  Starting his international career as a painter, in the last few years YAL has had the honor of assisting Bickerton in fabricating an outstanding selection of aluminium and mixed media sculptures.


YAL has recently collaborated with Singaporean artist Jason Lim to create a series of resin sculptures as part of his Banyan Tree series. This includes creating a rubber or silicone mold and casting the resin based on an original conception and composition designed by the artist.

For instance, the bones and hearts on Under the Shadow of The Banyan Tree was modeled by our artisan at YAL based on a 2-dimensional (2D) diagram by Lim.


Glass is another medium that is being explored at YAL and undoubtedly a base that boasts one of the most beautiful results stemming from it. The first of many future collaborations focusing on this formidable medium transpired with Suzann Victor in 2016. In her hands, 2-dimensional stained glass is transformed into majestic 3-dimensional sculptures. This allows the works to host a veritable concert of light for the viewer’s pleasure. Since then, Victor has created a host of acclaimed stained glass works in partnership with YAL.

Stainless Steel

Unique materials such as stainless-steel pose interesting developments for art practice such as the investigation into the relationship between image and medium and the synthesis of various disciplines, such as painting and sculpture in Jane Lee’s Mirror series and Masters series.

YAL takes pride in providing the materials, skill sets and technicians that enable artists to experiment with new materials and that can help them achieve their creative directions