Bronze casting

Yogya Art Lab has worked tirelessly with regional contemporary artists to produce works of the highest quality. The versatile team at the foundry has previously brought forth sculptures from acclaimed artists Yunizar, whose recent bronze sculptures have brought a whole new dimension to his oeuvre. The art of casting, chasing and applying a patina to bronze is complex; masters of the science behind the patina process often consider their work classified due to its intricate nature.

Sculpture Making

At YAL, we have also assisted in fabricating works from aluminum and stainless steel, as well as its combination and incorporation into sculptures and installations that are multimedia in nature. We believe in the potential of these natural materials, and when combined with the right expertise they are able to visually communicate even the most abstract of artistic concepts.

Bronze care

As the foundry works mainly in bronze, YAL is able to provide professional bronze cleaning and conservation services to repair, restore and protect your works of art. Our team of specialists has been trained in conservation practices developed by the world’s foremost experts in the United States, and we all our cleaning materials are directly imported from the United Stated as well.

The humidity in Asia and exposure to natural elements, in addition to the high traffic of visitors who interact with the sculptures on a daily basis, all place a significant strain on public bronze works and can result in the buildup of dirt, grime, weather conditions and unwanted insect colonies.

We offer restoration services for all bronze sculptures, repairing damaged and worn sculptures in both public and private collections.